Introduction to the "Warehouse Logistics" Project

Provide "warehousing logistics", "logistics warehousing", "warehousing services" and distribution services in Hong Kong, Macau and import and export ports

Warehousing logistics, logistics warehousing, warehousing service projects, mainly for customer needs, our company has a number of warehousing bases in Hongwan, which can provide import and export cargo warehousing, China-Hong Kong green code site connection warehousing, Zhuhai local warehousing and logistics services and warehousing and distribution Services, warehousing services can be rented for long-term, short-term or daily, as well as temporary transit connections, and provide comprehensive “warehousing and logistics” solution services.

Warehousing and logistics supporting services

  • Provide green yards for Chinese and Hong Kong trucks
  • Provide import and export cargo warehousing
  • Provide pickup, delivery and other delivery services
  • Loading, unloading and other loading and unloading services can be provided
  • Pallet packaging and other services can be provided
  • “Warehouse logistics” warehouse comprehensive management service

Warehousing and logistics cargo types

  • All kinds of conventional warehousing and logistics goods
  • Hong Kong, Macau and other import and export warehousing and logistics goods
  • Cross-border e-commerce warehousing and logistics goods
  • All kinds of normal temperature food, frozen food and other logistics warehousing goods
  • Large-scale warehousing and logistics goods such as various building materials
  • All kinds of special “warehousing logistics” goods
Warehouse Logistics

Other logistics value-added services: customs declaration and inspection services