International Shipping to Congo

Bofeng Logistics provides international shipping services from FCL from mainland China to Congo, and container shipping to Point Noire, Congo.

Departure port : Zhuhai/Zhongshan/Jiangmen, Nansha/Yantian/Shekou, Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai/Ningbo and other major domestic ports

Port of destination : Pointe Noire, Congo

Service method : container shipping, FCL, port-to-port/door-to-port

Shipping cycle : 30-40 days

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Value-added supporting services:

  • Port of Departure Trailer Loading Service
  • Agent export documents, customs declaration, inspection services
  • Agency export insurance service

Container Type:

  • The 40HQ container/20GP container can generally be loaded up to 25 tons, according to the requirements of various countries on the weight limit of the container
Container SpecificationsLength × Width × Height (mm)Shipping weight (tons)Volume (m3)
20 GP Container5890 * 2350 * 239010-2533 (normally installed 28 squares)
40 GP Container12020 * 2350 * 239020-2567 (normally installed 56 squares)
40 HQ Container12020 * 2350 * 269020-2576 (normally installed 68 squares)

Insurance company:

People’s Insurance Company of China, Ping An Insurance, Pacific Insurance Company underwriting