Container Shipping and International Logistics

"Container transportation" services: including "domestic shipping", "international shipping" FCL, LCL, and China-Europe freight trains and other "international logistics" services; Hong Kong and Macao special lines: Hong Kong logistics special lines, Macau logistics special lines; large vehicles Logistics: Hong Kong and Macao vehicle logistics, Hong Kong and Macao large-scale logistics, national vehicle transportation, national large-scale logistics and transportation; cross-border logistics: cross-border e-commerce parcels, international air transport; value-added logistics services: warehousing logistics services, import and export customs declaration and inspection, Value-added logistics services such as trailers, insurance, and distribution.

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"Container transportation" and cross-border "international logistics" services: "domestic shipping", "international shipping", Hong Kong logistics line, Macau logistics line, cross-border logistics, Full Truckload logistics, warehousing logistics, etc.