China-Europe Railway Express is an international railway freight service aimed at connecting China with Europe and many countries along the Belt and Road Initiative through a fixed number of train trips, routes, schedules and full operating timetables. This service is organised and operated by China Railway Corporation, and since its launch, it has become an important bridge to promote international trade and cooperation, and deepen the economic ties between China and the countries along the route.

Our company provides China-Europe Railway Express services from all over China to Europe.

The features and advantages of our company's China-Europe Railway Express are:

  • Our company is the first-class international freight forwarder of China-Europe liner. 
  • Our professional service team can provide the whole operation service. 
  • We have operation and service network all over the country, and we can provide booking and trailer service all over the country. 
  • Our services include: booking, door-to-door pickup, transport arrangement, customs declaration and inspection, transport insurance and other services.
China-Europe Railway Express