Domestic container shipping, Introduction to domestic trade shipping

Provide door-to-door logistics and transportation services along the national coast and along the river “domestic container shipping”, “domestic trade shipping”

“Domestic container shipping”, also known as “domestic trade shipping” is relative to the international container shipping of foreign trade import and export, mainly refers to the goods along the coast of the Chinese mainland, The logistics mode of domestic domestic trade container shipping/water transportation is characterized by cheap freight, large loading, stable shipping schedule, standardized operation, door-to-door, and long-distance sea-rail combined transportation by railway.
Domestic coastal and riverside port terminals are basically the transportation and transit hubs for domestic container shipping and domestic trade shipping. The main ports include Haikou Port, Zhuhai Port, Nansha Port, Shenzhen Port, Xiamen Port, Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Taicang Port, Lianyungang Port Port, Rizhao Port, Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Yingkou Port, Jinzhou Port, Dalian Port and other ports. The coastal cities where these ports are located are very convenient for domestic container shipping and domestic trade shipping.
“Domestic container shipping”, “domestic trade shipping” are suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of bulk and large quantities of goods, because of their very cheap price, large transportation volume, safe transportation and stable liner , accepted by many manufacturers.

Domestic container shipping

Advantages of domestic container shipping services

“Domestic container shipping”, “domestic trade shipping” have the advantages of cheap freight, safe and stable transportation, etc.

National booking

National booking

Booking service hotline: 130-7567-8958

cheap shipping

cheap shipping

The freight is generally less than half of the land transportation

transport safety

The whole process of closed door-to-door transportation is safe and reliable

Liner stability

Regular liner, stable route, standardized operation

Domestic container shipping logistics line

Can provide "domestic container shipping", "domestic trade shipping" door-to-door, port-to-port service lines

Liaoning domestic shipping

Main domestic shipping ports in Liaoning:

  • Yingkou Port, Jinzhou Port, Dalian Port, etc.

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Hebei domestic shipping

The main domestic shipping ports in Hebei:

  • Tangshan Port, Huanghua Port, Qinhuangdao Port

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Tianjin domestic shipping

Tianjin's main domestic shipping ports:

  • Tianjin harbor

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Shandong domestic shipping

Shandong's main domestic shipping ports:

  • Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Weihai Port, Yantai Port

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Jiangsu domestic shipping

Major domestic shipping ports in Jiangsu:

  • Taicang Port, Jiangyin Port, Zhenjiang Port, etc.

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Shanghai domestic shipping

Shanghai's main domestic shipping ports:

  • Shanghai Port

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Zhejiang domestic shipping

Major domestic shipping ports in Zhejiang:

  • Ningbo Port, Wenzhou Port

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Fujian domestic shipping

Major domestic shipping ports in Fujian:

  • Xiamen Port, Quanzhou Port, Fuqing Port, Zhangzhou Port

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Guangxi domestic shipping

Main domestic shipping ports in Guangxi:

  • Qinzhou Port

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Hainan domestic shipping

Main domestic shipping ports in Hainan:

  • Haikou Xiuying Port, Yangpu Port

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Guangdong domestic shipping

Main domestic shipping ports in Guangdong:

  • Guangzhou: Nansha Port, Huangpu Port;
  • Shenzhen: Dachan Bay Port;
  • Zhuhai: Gaolan Port
  • Others: Zhanjiang Port, Huizhou Port, Shantou Port, etc.

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Domestic container shipping news

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