" Full Truckload Logistics" Service Introduction

Provide " full truck load logistics", " full truck load transportation", "logistics transportation" to and from door-to-door services all over the country

Our “Full Truck Load logistics” transportation service can provide nationwide full truckload logistics and transportation services, and can allocate intra-provincial and inter-provincial full truckload transportation services from the Pearl River Delta and even all over the country, and can provide vans, flatbed trucks, high-barrier trucks, refrigerated trucks, construction vehicles and other truck logistics and transportation services.

Our national full truck load logistics and transportation services are very advantageous. Our company gathers existing resources, sets up multiple logistics warehousing and port area network centers across the country, and establishes long-term close cooperation with many large transportation fleets across the country. There are many models and stable vehicle sources, which can quickly respond to customers’ immediate transportation needs.

full truckload logistics

" full truck load Logistics" Service Model

Provide a variety of " full truck load logistics", " full truck load transportation"



There are 4.2m, 6.8m, 9.6m, 13.5m, 17.5m and other full truckload models

flatbed truck

Flatbed Truck

No carriage, generally 9-16 meters, transport all kinds of basic materials, building materials, etc.


High Fence Truck

There is a carriage, there is no closed ceiling, it can be lifted and lowered according to the amount of goods


Container Truck

Fully enclosed 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ and other standard container trucks.

Refrigerated truck

Special Vehicle

Including refrigerated trucks, tank trucks, closed trucks, oversized vehicles and other full truckload logistics

" Full Truckload Logistics" Service Advantages

Professional " Full truckload logistics" transportation advantages


Based on our professional service network, we can provide more competitive and affordable prices.


Strict review, special person tracking, real-time positioning, purchase of car insurance, to ensure the safe arrival of goods

Quick arrangement

Confirm the order, arrange it immediately, and provide full truckload service nationwide

Value-added services

Value-added services such as insured transportation, signing and returning, etc., can be customized according to the individual needs of customers