Introduction of "Macau Logistics Line", "Logistics to Macau"

Provide logistics and transportation services from mainland China to "Macao Logistics Line", "Macao Logistics", "Logistics to Macao" and "Macao Freight"

Our company provides “Macao Logistics Line”, “Logistics to Macao”, “Macao Freight” special line services, daily scheduled departures from Zhuhai to and from Macau. The company has large warehouses in Zhuhai and Macau, equipped with professional fleets, at the Hengqin pass. Equipped with professional customs brokers to provide customers with one-stop high-quality services.

Customers from the Pearl River Delta to Macau can dispatch Macau vehicles to pick up the goods, and no need to change the car to ship directly to Macau; Customers outside the Pearl River Delta can send the goods to the Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai through a domestic logistics company. Our company picks up the goods for free and arranges customs declaration to send them to Designated location in Macau.

The Macau logistics special line can provide services for all kinds of cargo and less-than-carload. The Macau cargo logistics includes ton trucks, flatbed trucks, refrigerated trucks, etc. The fastest customs declaration and same-day delivery, Macau logistics company provides you with high-quality services.


"Macau Logistics Line", Logistics to Macau Service Line

Mainland to "Macau Logistics Line", "Logistics to Macau", "Macau Freight" line, including bulk cargo, vehicle and special vehicles and other logistics and transportation services to Macau.

Bulk cargo and special items

“Macao Logistics Dedicated Line” transportation service items include:

  1. All kinds of bulk groceries to Macau
  2. Construction site engineering and building materials logistics services
  3. Sadian supplies logistics service
  4. Furniture, clothing logistics service
  5. Participate in exhibition/performance logistics service (temporary exit and re-entry/ATA documents)

Vehicle type

3-ton truck: 4.3M*2.1M*2.2M, with a weight limit of 3 tons
5-ton truck: 6.5M*2.3M*2.3M, with a weight limit of 5 tons
8-ton truck: 7.8M*2.3M*2.3M, with a weight limit of 8 tons

12M flat panel: 12M*2.4M, with a weight limit of 25 tons
20GP: 5.8M*2.3M*2.2M, with a weight limit of 17.5 tons
40GP: 12M*2.3M*2.2M, with a weight limit of 22 tons
40HQ: 12M*2.3M*2.6M, weight limit 22 tons

“Macao Logistics Dedicated Line” special vehicles: refrigerated vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc.

Other services include: Hong Kong Logistics Dedicated Line